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Commercial Projects

We all know the cost of energy is not going down, so why not beef up your bottom line? Insulate your investments using us at Prairie Boys Spray Foam and keep your employees and tenants comfortable year round, while keeping your energy costs down.

We understand how valuable time is, so for large commercial jobs we have multiple men spraying from our 2 large spray foam rigs at all times in order to finish your job as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We also provide our own man lift as, so you don't have to worry about how we are going to get up high in those extra large buildings.

Because our product sprays on as a liquid it can easily adhere to the smallest nook and cranny and mould itself to any shape. This allows it to be used on various pieces of equipment such as: skids, vessels, freezers, trucks, containers, water towers, and pipelines.

Unlike traditional insulation, it won’t contribute to moisture-related decay and mold. It is also proven not to be a food source of any kind, therefore no worries about rodents. Please contact us and we will gladly discuss the areas of your investment which need insulating.

We can also provide coatings to meet your building, oilfield & even medical standards, including fireproofing

We work with many large corporations throughout Saskatchewan, such as SaskPower, multiple Home Builders in Regina and area, R.M’s, and many more.  We take pride in our work and are lucky to have great relationships with all of our past clients.